Workplace Refurbishment

Our workplace refurbishment service is an amazing opportunity to rejuvenate or reinvent your space into an modern adaptable, cost effective, sustainable workplace of the future that reflects your brand, people and values.

Rejuvenate and Reinvent How You Work

A Workplace Refurbishment reinvents your space without undue expense or disruption. Perfect for those seeking renewed functionality or improved sustainability. Ideal for rebranding’s.

With a refurbishment, we enhance specific areas of your facility — or combine them — to promote your goals of greater teamwork and cohesiveness. A renovation can favor aesthetics or functionality. But in either case, we apply psycho-social design characteristics to create focus, flow, and conversation.

  • Analysis: We work with you to uncover opportunity areas, aspirations, and objectives.
  • Envisioning the change: Mood boards excite your future. A measured site survey reveals possibilities.
  • Getting specific: You get a strategic brief and 3-dimensional model as we work together to optimise every element — lighting, layout, furniture and natural surfaces.
  • Relax: We handle the technical bits. Zonal arrangements, building regulations, equipment specifications, and construction documents.
  • Delivery: We hand over your new environment and follow up to ensure your satisfaction.

Getting Started is Easy.

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